K1 p1 rib

I’m working a sweater in a k1 p1 rib and the directions says to work in the k1 p1 and end with the RS. How do I tell what side is RS or WS in the k1 p1 rib?


Generally you just pick a side you want to be the front. I mark it with a safety pin so I’ll remember.

The k1, p1 ribbing will look the same on each side but the cast on edge will look a little different on each side. Pick the side that you like the look of right along the edge the best on. Then be consistent throughout the project, putting the side that looks like that on the outside. You can break that ‘rule’ if you want for effect or something, but that is generally how it is done.

For a long tail cast on for instance one side will look a little like a stem stitch (I think it is called) in embroidery. It looks quite a bit like a continuous line made of slightly overlapping short segments. The other side will look like a bunch of little bumps that fit together a little like nununus would do. I was told that the smooth side it the ‘right’ side, but occasionally I have opted for the bumpy side. Other cast ons vary a bit, but have that same sort of thing going on at least on some of them.

In a reversible st pattern like ribbing or garter or seed st, you pick the side you want to be the RS. I think the pattern is really telling you that you’re going to stop ribbing and the next row will be the WS of stockinette or whatever you’re going to do next. So it really doesn’t matter as far as the ribbing goes, what’s important is the next row is going to be the WS.

When I started knitting I was taught when the left-over tail from casting on is on your right you are looking at the right side; when the tail is on your left you are looking at the wrong side of the ribbing.