(k1,p1) in yo

Hi. I am knitting a vest for my daughter with an eyelet band at the bottom. On the RS row, I am given a chart for the basic pattern. However, for the WS is says to work P1 and K1 into each yarn over, work remaining stitches as they appear.

Can someone help me to understand the (k1,p1) in YO? Thanks.

I’m always afraid to answer the how to questons cause I’m afraid I’ll be wrong LOL

On the RS did you do YOs? If so then its just telling ya to knit the YOs like reg. stitches so when you come to one either do the K1 or the P1 that it calls for… that used to confuse me too I don’t know why they say that :rollseyes:

:pray: please let it be right :blush:

It sounds to me that you need to knit and purl into the one yo stitch. Knit, but don’t slide it off, put the yarn in front and then purl into the same stitch. Then slide the whole thing off. Do you also have dec in the row? They will offset the increase that you create by doing two st in the one.

Sorry Dusti!

:rofling: yeahhh for Ingrid :cheering: I mis read that yep I would say that too K1, P1 in the YO stitch…

I wish I knew how to make small writing…

[size=2][/size]going back to just reading the how to before I reallllyyy mess someone up :rofling:

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