(k1,*k1,yo,k1 into 3 stitches) to 1 stitch before marker

Good morning and Happy Labour Day… I am a fairly experienced knitter and I am so stumped on this pattern repeat, as the way I am doing it leaves 2 stitches before the marker. Row 1: k2, m1l, (k1,*k1,yo,k1 into 3 stitches) to 1 stitch before marker. Here is pattern of reference http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/anenome-spotted . Any suggestions would be helpful… Thank you…Denise Enright

How many stitches are you working on at this point? What are you starting with and what are you supposed to have at the end of the row? That would help us for helping you count. (Looks like it should be a starting count of a multiple of 4+3 and you end with a multiple of 4.)

Looking at the other projects on Ravelry, someone else seemed to have the same confusion and wrote the designer to ask about it. She says she started thinking of the part in parentheses thusly -

k1, k3tog, w/o taking the stitches off the left needle, yo and knit into the cluster again. Then remove the stitches from the left needle

Is that the way you’re doing it? So the sequence in the parentheses is worked over four stitches total. There’s also a discussion of the same thing on Rav and someone linked to a video of how to do the star stitch that might be helpful.

Thank you for your reply on this Labour day… I have enclosed th
pattern… The first repeat of section 1( repeat 4 rows 4 times… works)
Then on the 2nd repeat row 1 ( I have 11 stitches on each side of center
stitch… ) doesn’t -ending with 2 stitches before marker… stumped still

Good mourning Denise, Usually when designers say k1,yo,k1 they are
referring the KOK Increase: (a) Knit 1, leaving stitch on left needle.
(b) Bring yarn to front and over needle. © Knit into stitch again.
When they say, “into 3 stitches”, they may be saying, repeat the
KOK increase into the next three subsequent stitches on the
left needle… So, you may be making 3 separate KOK (k1,yo,k1)
increases in a row. The KOK increase is worked every other row.
Now take a look at the chart and see if that helps at all.

Assuming you’ve got the repeat correctly, is it possible that the way you’re doing the increase, the m1 is causing the problem? Does your pattern recommend an increase?
For the 11sts to work you would need to do an increase in a stitch like the knit front and back (kfb) rather than lifting the yarn between two sts.
That way, the k2, kfb [k1, (k1,p1,k1)] uses 11sts (2 repeats of 4sts each plus 3sts). You would end the row with one stitch increased on each side of the center.

Thank you for the explanation. I will try that… SIncerely Denise

Hi there… I have enclosed the pattern…It uses M1R and M1L increases
…Yes.I should have 4 stitch increase every two row through out the
pattern… Thank you much for the help… Sincerely Denise

I have enclosed the pattern for you to see – Thank you

I am getting very curious about this pattern. They state that they
want a m1l. If that is make one left, it should read" MiL". Printing
a lower case L looks like a vertical line. Not a good way to represent
the “M1L”… So, the “M1L” would insert left needle from front to back
under strand between last stitch knitted and first stitch on left needle.
Now, knit, twisting strand by working into loop at back of needle. That
makes one left slanting increase. Or," M1L"…
That may be what they meant by the clumsy representation of
" m1l".
Well, happy labor day !
Yours in knitting,

Thank you again… I hope you enjoy the pattern Denise

Yes you may be on to something… I am going to try K2, kfb,(*K1,K1 YO, K1 into 3 stitches

Denise, it may help if you quote this row and the previous row exactly, asterisks, parentheses and all. We can’t reprint whole patterns here but a line or two is ok.
From the discussion on Ravelry, it sounds like it should only be k1p1k1 into the 3sts. In other words, making 3sts out of 3sts, so no increase due to this maneuver.

Hi there, Just wanted you to know that I figured this out. It goes like
this…K1,(regular knit 1 stitch), in the next stitch k1, but don’t drop off
the needle, make a yarn over in that same stitch, then K1 or KNIT into the
next 2 stitches(2, and a yo= 3 cluster )( as to knit 3 stitches together,
then repeat with the K1(regular) then in next stitch K1 yo K1 into the
next 2 stitches=the 3 cluster, to one stitch before the marker. I hope
you can download the pattern orsend me an email where you can… as it is
really fun… Thank you for your help…Sincerely Denise

As long as that works for you, looks good and keeps the stitch count, you’re golden. I actually prefer the yo instead of the purl one because it’s less bulky here. Looking forward to seeing this finished scarf if you’d like to post a photo.

Hi All, I just wanted to say thank you to all of you. I have almost completed my shawlette
Anenemoe Spotted… I figured out what I had to do… *K1,in next stitch K1 but do not pull off ,YO in same stitch then knit the next 2 and the yarn over( as if to knit 3 together)and repeat from the * K1, K1, yo K the next 2 and yo as if to knit 3- you make a little cluster. repeat to 1 stitch before the marker. Will add a photo when I can figure out how on this site… Thank you all again…Sincerely, Denise

Great! Looking forward to the photo.


Love it! Perfect color choice for a stunning shawl. Thanks so much for letting us see it. Well done.