K0? What does this mean?

Hi! I’ve just started knitting a pair of Baudelaire socks and I’m a little confused by the pattern. I’ve finished the toe section fine, but then there’s a set-up round for the foot which goes like this:
Set-up Round: K2, p0[1, 1], k0[0, 1], p2, work first row chart pattern, p2, k0[0, 1], p0[1, 1], k2; k to end of round.

I don’t understand what the p0[1,1] part means, or k0[0,1]. I get that the numbers in brackets are for the larger sizes (I’m making the smallest one) but I just don’t understand what to do where the “0” is. How can you knit/purl 0?

You can’t! It just means that for the smallest size, you don’t do anything in that spot. It looks to me that for the larger sizes, they want a P1, K1 in between the K2, P2.


Ok my head is clearly not working right today, can’t believe I didn’t get that! Thanks for pointing it out!

I saw that same thing in a pattern but was too afraid to ask! Glad YOU did! Thanks!