K0 P0 what does it mean?

:shrug: ?? Hi everyone, I’m new here with a question. Just about to start a new project, something very basic because that’s all I can do - BASIC! It’s a simple tank top. First row of the back states: K0, P0, K3, P3 repeat etc. to last 5 stitches K3 P0.
Can anyone tell me what how to K0 and P0! I think it must be something very obvious but I’ve not come across knitting a “nothing” before! Thank you.

When a pattern says to knit or purl 0, it’s usually just for one or two of the sizes and there may be (). For instance - K2 (0, 3), p2 (0, 3) is k2, p2 for the small, skip this part for the med, and k3,p 3 for the large. How is the first row written?

Hi, the size I am going to knit is the first number within the brackets. The K0/P0 only occurs for me once at the beginning of the first two rows (ribbing section) and that’s what I’m not clear about what to do. Does row 1 mean I start with Pearling 2, then K3P3 etc. and row 2 means I start with Knitting 2 then P3,K3 etc.

The actual pattern reads as follows after casting on 79 stitches):
Row 1: (rs) K0 (0,2,0,1,0), P0(2,3,1,3,0), *K3,P3, rep from * to last 3(5,2,4,1,3)sts, K3(3,2,3,1,3), P0(2,0,1,0,0).
Row 2: P0(0,2,0,1,0), K0(2,3,1,3,0), *P3,K3, rep from * to last 3(5,2,4,1,3) sts, P3(3,2,3,1,3), K0(2,0,1,0,0).

Does row 1 mean I start with Pearling 2, then K3P3 etc. and row 2 means I start with Knitting 2 then P3,K3 etc.

Yes - start with P2, then repeat, k3, p3 to the last 5 sts and end the row with k3, p2. On R 2 you start with k2, then repeat p3, k3 to the last 5 sts where you end with p3, k2. It may help if you take a colored highlighter and mark the number for your size.

Thank you so much - I can’t wait to get started now!

I am new to the whole knitting and I am trying to start a baby rattle. It says to doe Rows 1 (RS)-Row 4 (WS): Work in St st. What does this mean?

St st (stockinette stitch) is knit one row, purl one row. You should start with row 1, knit the row; row 2, purl the row; row 3, knit the row; and row 4, purl the row. Row 1 and the odd rows are the right side (RS) or outer public side of the knitting and row 2 and the even rows are the wrong side (WS) or inside.

The thread was helpful but I’m left with a doubt, what happens when I have Row 1 RS K1p2,k2 rep from to last 2 sts, p0 (2,0,2). Work 7 more rows in k2, p2 rib as established.
In my case (I’m knitting the first size so not in the brackets) the P0 is at the end of the row, so I’m thinking , what do I do with the last 2 sts???

Thanks you!

Welcome to KnittingHelp!
It depends on how many sts you have on the needles. Your row should end with the k2 and have no more sts to work.

Aha! So I CO 21 and I stopped at the last two as I read that was what I was supposed to do. So I should just knit the last two sts and star with row 2? Thank you so much for the prompt reply!

Yes, that’s it exactly.

Thank you so much! I might have chosen an ambitious project but I’ll carry on and see what I can make of it. All the best for a great 2016! And thanks again!

Hi I also have the same problem as well. I’m trying to make a cardigan and the pattern is just throwing me off. For the first row it says:

Left front
I will be casting off with 49 which includes size changed in [54, 59, 64, 69 ] and then the directions is:

Row 1: KO [1,0,1,0], (P1, K1) 11[13,16,18,21] times, P2, K4, P4, K8, P4, K4, P1.

So my confusion is for example if I’m casting off the first size which is 49, as for row 1 am I supposed to skip the K0 as the first stitch and start stitch one with (P1,K1)? Would I be left with stitches if I was to skip the K0 as stated in the direction ?

If you’re making the first size and have 49 sts cast on the needle, then starting with (p1k1) 11 times is correct. The first row takes 49sts.

Will it leave me with extra stitches at the end of I start off with (k1,p1)?

If you have 49sts on the needle when you start row 1, you’ll end the row with no extra sts left over. The p1k1 repeat will take 22sts and the rest of the row takes 27sts
Whenever you see a 0 for your size, you can skip that step.