K the k sts, p the p sts?

Does this mean if a stitch was knit in the previous row, that I knit it again in the following row?

For example, if row 1 was [P4, K2] 12 times, and row 2 was K the K sts and P the P sts, then what I’d do in row 2 is: [K2, P4] 12 times? This is what I’ve been doing but the emerging pattern doesn’t look right.

Instead should row 2 be: [P2, K4] 12 times?

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When they say k the k’s and p the p’s them mean as you’re looking at them. Since a knit stitch is a purl on the back, you would purl it because you’re looking at a purl.

So if you did a p 4, k2 on one side you’d do a p2, k4 on the other.

The v’s are the knits and the bumps are the purls as you look at them. After a few rows, they get much easier to see.

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