K-tell knitter

i actually owned this but in my great widom i threw it ou
now i want it
i wonder if anyone knows if i can buy the k-tell knitter
i have tried the internet but no luck
probably using the wrong words
can you help please

What is it? Book, knitting machine…?

It was a knitting machine from K-Tel (remember those record ads on TV in the 70s?) You might try e-bay or try to get in touch with Popeil Inc. and see if they know where you can get one.

You know it’s downright spooky that when I opened up this thread, Weird Al’s Mr. Popeil came up on my playlist.

I found these sites so you can see what it looked like, but I’ve no idea where you could find one for sale now.


my grandson ordered and paid for it
love that boy
now i am waiting for it

I hope you enjoy it when you get it.

Keep us posted! I have one that was my grandmother’s. When she passed away, my aunts gave me all of her needlecraft stuff because I was the only granddaughter who was interested in it. I never did know what that funny-looking blue & red plastic thing was. Now, I do! Thanks! :muah: