K, P, K, P, starting the next row?

This is simple…When you are ribbing (K/P/K/P) and get to the end of the row, and in my case my last stitch was a pearl. Now my understanding is you knit the pearls and pearl and knits. But even though my last stitch in the row was a pearl, when I turn the row to begin again, what was a pearl now looks like a knit and I figure I have to pearl it. Does that make sense. Exactly, really, how am I to proceed? YOu can e-mail me directly at cynwin48@hotmail.com

You knit the knits and purl the purls[I] as they face you. [/I]If you’re looking at a purl, purl it, looking at a knit, knit it.

Another way to remember is that if you end ribbing with a knit, you start with a purl and vice versa.