K, P, K in same stitch? Help!

New pattern I’m working on directs to:
K1, (K1,p1,k1) into next stitch, P3tog; repeat…

How do I K1,p1,k1 into a same stitch? Anyone have a pic?
I’ve looked in all my ‘how to’ books… no luck…

Mary Ann :thinking:

Hi, Mary Ann,

When a pattern has directions like those you asked about: K1 (k1, p1, k1) into next stitch, it is to give you the directions for variations on the pattern. So, whatever you are making probably has different sizes or some kind of variation.

An example would be a hat pattern I am working on. It says it’s for Men (Women, Teens, Toddlers). So each step has instructions for all four. Like it says cast on 132 sts (120, 108, 102). So, I cast on 132 sts for a man’s sized hat, 120 sts for a woman’s, etc.

So when it sais K1 (k1, p1, k1) you are only doing one of those into the next stitch.

Does this make sense?


no no no. sorry…in this case you do have to do all of those things in that one stitch. basically you are going to knit a stitch but not drop the stitch off the needle, purl the stitch, again not drop the stitch off the needle, and then knit the same stitch again and THEN drop the stitch off the needle.

let me see if i can find a video…

When a pattern says (k1,p1,k1) in the next stitch, they want you to do an increase. So in this case, you k1, then for the increase–knit as you normally would, but don’t slide the stitch off, bring your yarn forward and purl into that same stitch, but don’t slide it off, then put the yarn back and knit into the same stitch again and then slide it off.

Just to avoid confusion, as Kelley said, parentheses often denote different sizes, but in this case they want you to do those three stitches in one. If it said (5, 6, 7) times it would be for different sizes.

okay i can’t find a video and honestly i can’t figure out how to actually DO that. i am wondering if they are actually wanting you to knit into the front back front of the loop.

i just tried to follow that direction and i can’t figure it out. do you have a link to the pattern or can you tell us what kind of pattern you are working?

ingrid do you know where there is a video of that? i can’t make the purl stitch work in the knitting i am carrying around.

I guess we were frantically typing at the same time. I hope my instructions for doing it are clear.

Sorry about that, Mary Ann!!

I have a couple of patterns with similar instructions that are intended for variations. There’s one that is a pouch for a cell phone, PDA cover or an iPod cover. They each vary slightly in shaping and it may call for a knit stitch, purl stitch, etc. It showed those in parentheses.

Sorry for any confusion I may have caused.


ingrid do you know where there is a video of that? i can’t make the purl stitch work in the knitting i am carrying around.[/quote]

No, I don’t know of any videos. When I learned to knit, videos weren’t invented (how old and decrepit do I sound :rofling: )

I just tried it again to make sure of myself, and I knit into the front of the loop, left it on the needle, put my yarn between my needle tips to the front (maybe that’s where you had a problem?), purled into the same loop, brought the yarn back between the needles and knit into the same place again.

isn’t that a bobble??

I know that a small bobble I did was (k1,p1k1), turn, p3,turn k3tog does your pattern go on like that?

Sometimes it’s a bobble, sometimes it’s an increase. If you turn them and knit them again and then at some point knit them back into one stitch, it makes a bobble.

Hello everyone and thanks for your help! Yes, it’s a bauble stitch
and not sliding off the stitch worked! So the instructions you gave me were correct! Now I can go camping next week and have this great project to work on! (It’s an afghan for my husband).

Mary Ann

:cheering: :cheering:


Here’s a link to DIY network video of Lilly Chin making a bobble. just scroll down a bit and click on the link and a little video will pop up.


What she does is increase by 5 stiches and then knits and purls back and forth on those stiches then binds them off into one stich to make a hugungous bobble. The video on my computer was a little wonky. I’m on a Mac using Mozilla. Maybe if you’re on a PC using IE the picture may be better.