K, P, K all in one stitch

Hello. I am a BEGINNER knitter working at snowflake stitch. It is a pattern that works in multiples of 4.

You are to purl row 1, then in the 2nd row, the directions read: K, P, K all in next stitch, then P3 tog. I am not sure how to K, P, K all in one stitch w/o getting an extra stitch on my right kneedle. I was successful twice, but now can’t remember how I did it. If someone is familiar with these directions, would you mind explaining a bit for me? Thank you, TMH

Don’t move the stitch over to the right…keep it on the left to work the 3 stitches into it.

After you K,P,K all in on stitch there will be three stitches on the right needle made from the one stitch you started with.

That’s why you do a P3tog next - keeps the same number of stitches per row.

The combination of KPK in one, P3tog is often called Trinity Stitch.

Happy Knitting


You would knit the stitch w/out taking it off the needle, bring the yarn forward and purl the stitch w/out pulling it off, the bring yarn to back and knit the stitch, then pull it off the needle. Thus, you have made three stitches out of one stitch. Then, just purl 3 stitches together as a single stitch for the P3tog

There is a demo vid of that stich on this page… http://www.diynetwork.com/diy/na_knitting/article/0,2025,DIY_14141_3502420,00.html