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Do ya’ll knit straight from the skein or do you put it into balls of yarn first? I just knitted off the skein, but I think I’m going to wind the rest of it into a ball. When I was a kid, I used to love to go over to my friend’s house when her mom had just bought new yarn because she’d let me do it up in a ball for her. I always thought it was fun to do that…

If it’s already a center pull skein I just leave it. Too lazy to do it unless I have to!

If it’s a hank then it has to be rolled into a ball, but if it’s a skein I leave it unless it gets all knotty.

I knit from the skein, but only if I can find the center pull end. I used to always wind yarn into a regular old ball, but found that my yarn got twisted as I knitted a lot more than if I left it as is, so now I don’t re-wind anymore.

I’m bad… and really really lazy. LOL I actually avoid buying hanks of yarn because I hate hate hate to wind it all into a ball. It just gets all tangled on me. I won’t wind anything up unless I absolutely, totally and utterly LOVE the yarn and insist on using it. :oops:

I knit from the skein, until it gets hollow, and collapses. When that happens, I find that it tangles, so I wind the rest into a ball.

I knit from the skein unless I can’t find the end or I get a ton of yarn barf when i try to pull out the end. Then (depending on what i’m making) I’ll sometimes wind all the yarn into a ball or sometimes, just the yarn barf.

I knit from the skein … I really like it when I find a center pull!!

Directly from the skein - why bother redoing it. I’ve only used hank yarn once and those need to be put into balls.


It depends for me. If it get’s all messed up and doesn’t look nice, I usually wind it into a ball. But mostly I just let it be, because I’m too lazy to bother :teehee:

I leave it unless I’m knitting a pair of socks from one skein. Then I wind balls so that I can split it. I use a scale and when the remaining skein weights half as much, I cut it and wind the second ball.

And leaving it doesn’t mean you’re lazy. It’s just practical to use what already works. :thumbsup:

Me…I rewind it with my nifty yarn winder.

i feel like i wrote this myself!

I remember awhile back ago I asked a similar question. I followed Rebecca’s advice. I use ziplock bags. I clip off a bottom corner of the bag and then take the end that is on the outside thread my yarn through the hole on the bottom and let the skein flop around, never had a problem. I have a ball winder, I use that when my yarn comes in hanks.

hey rose…

u dont have to avoid hanks, especially if you buy them from your LYS. mostly they are happy to wind it into balls for you (most of the shops i have visited have the swift and winder right there). i have them do it for me, cuz i hate winding too. it seems like a waste of time, time i could be using for KNITTING!! :cheering:

debby xxx

:waving: Ball Winder!!!

I could wind yarn into balls all day. I love using my ball winder. :oops:

As a matter of fact, I devoted most of Tuesday to sorting and re-winding some of the unruly balls into nice neat balls so they could stack better.

Yes, I realize this is way geeky.

I didn’t even know you were supposed to wind skeins into balls! :oops: I’ve just been knitting from the yarn on the outside… pulling from the middle makes me nervous cause I expect a ton of “yarn barf” (lol, i love that) to fall out.

You don’t have to rewind a skein into a ball. I never have… at least the first time. If I rip it out to make something else, then it gets wound up.