Just when i thought i had done with the stash

Along comes about 3 bin bags full (like 50 liter once so rather a lotta yarn).

I got everything so far from cotton to bulky weight its yummy :woot: .

there are also about 20 patterns to plough through, and yet more needles to add to the stash of them.

ANd theres more boxes to look thorugh, i’ve found in her bits about 7 50l bin bags full of yarn about 50 pairs of needles, about 30 pluss patterns so far this year. its been a year long christmas for me here, its great cloud9

thought i’d share. i’ll try and get a piccy of all this latest batch of stash when i get my comp back

Sounds like you’ll be busy knitting for quite awhile? Enjoy your knitting time.

I came into a stash like that about eight months ago, when a friend passed on. For the most part, I sent it to Shendah for charity knitting, keeping some of the things I knew were special to her.

Wow! Sounds like you won the lottery! Congrats! and have fun!