Just wanted to remind everyone

that the sheep show is this weekend!


I’ve been working this morning on packing and loading camping gear into the Caddy. You don’t have to camp to come to this! They always have a great vendors market, and there are sheep and bunnies galore. Great time for the kiddo’s if you want to drag them out.

how much is it? i want to go tomorrow and bring my son and husband. i think it would be a load of fun! sedalia is about 100 miles from where i am. i cant find admittance prices… only if i want to enter contests

i just found it. its free! :happydance: :happydance:

Yep, it’s free. :slight_smile: Of course, when you hit the venfors market it becomes a bit pricey. :wink: Last year they had balls of worsted weight alpaca for 2.00 a ball. :open_mouth: Stupid car that needed new brakes today means that I won’t be able to partake…so buy extra. lol