Just testing ignore me

OK this isn’t working

heehee, how many of us looked at this to see what you were testing. :shifty:

At least 36 at last count! :roflhard:

I’m nosey, this is the 2nd time I looked :roflhard: :rofling:
Just, exactly, what are you testing that isn’t working?!

:roflhard: second time here for me too lol also wanting to know what you are testing :wink:

OK so I bought this digi cam at Target for $88 and it can make little movies so I been trying to post a file of my little movie but I don’t know how to do it. :frowning:

aha thin kyou gotta host it somewhere first then post the link

:shifty: 2nd time for me too! since people were replying I had to also!

Know any good hosting sites for video :??

OK let’s try this

Who is this adorable kid you’ve got standing in your front yard?! That was good for a giggle, I’ll tell you that much. :slight_smile:

mm youtube.com? not sure on sites to host videos but something like youtube or google video.

Actually I just signed up for Youtube.com to see what it is like - sign up for that, its free and you can upload your videos to there then link to them from here.

So this is a video I made with my new cheapo $88 digi cam from Target. The still photos come out in focus…sometimes :rollseyes: but it makes these little videos which is kinda fun. But no sound :frowning: Oh well you don’t get much for $88. Maybe I will try uTube. I love that sight. I can waste soooooo much time there.

My digi camera does the same thing, thus far I have short videos of Sally playing ball :wink:

actually - the photobucket link worked fine. Opens in a new window. Works for me here at the office but not at home. That isn’t unusal tho for some reason some things just will not work at home.