Just reading through a pattern

and the instructions call for 2 things I don’t know:



dec4l. that’s lower case L, not forty-one.

its’a lace stitch, found it on some free knitting stitch site.


I don’t have any idea eally. A guess… Is it a chart? ns might mean no stitch. The other looks to be a decrease… decrease 4 left? Maybe meaning a left leaning decrease?

Do you have a link for the pattern? Is there stitch info on the pattern? Hmm…


hope this link works.

If you look at the pdf linked at the bottom of the listing, there is both a chart and definitions for the stitches.

NS is no stitch. Which is normally not included in the written directions. These might have been machine transcribed direction from the chart.

dec4l is a left-leaning decrease meant to be the opposite of the k4tog. You can follow the pattern key directions or use any left-leaning decrease you prefer.

I was right! :thumbsup::teehee:

thanks, both of you!

I don’t do charts. they make my eyes bubble. (I’m dyslexic… really not just an excuse).

I only recently began reading patterns at all, so this forum is VERY helpful!