Just learning to crochet...HELP

I am just learning to crochet. Self-taught. Here’s the problem: I keep decreasing my rows. (I’ve been trying a single crochet scarf. And yes, I AM chaining 1 at the end of each row.) What is the most likely reason for this? Also, do you know of any great online crochet resources? Thanks in advance!

Welcome to the dark side! Hurray!

When you come to the end of the row, be sure to put your last stitch in the single chain space of the previous row. That should keep your stitch count even. I usually start counting, if things are off a bit. If you get to what you think is the end, but you’re a stitch short, you can really see where the end should be because you have to work into that last little tight chain spot of the previous row. :slight_smile:

Crochet Pattern Central: http://www.crochetpatterncentral.com/directory.php
Next Stitch Videos: http://www.nexstitch.com/Tutorials.html

Can’t wait to see your first FO! :slight_smile:

You explained that so well, Riss! That is exactly why my rows kept decreasing when I first started crocheting.
Here are two more helpful websites for crocheting:

It took me a long time to figure this out. What I finally did was take a short piece of scrap yarn in a different color to use to mark my turning chain.

This works even if you are working in half double, double, or whatever other stitch. Just chain right around the scrap yarn at whichever is the top of the turning chain (1st chain for single, 3rd chain for double, etc.).

Then you can see exactly where your last stitch is and it will help you keep your rows even.

This was also the way I learned to count my rows in crochet. I would leave the scrap yarn on every second row until I figured out how to count rows without it.

Good luck!


another knitter wanting to learn. . . I thought i would post here instead of another newbie thread.
My issue is hooking the yarn and pulling through. i think i hold it too loose in my left hand, and then i end up having to use the nail on my pointer left finger to pull the loops over the YO. any tips on how to trust the hook to pull the yarn through? should i go up a size (i was using peaches n cream and a 5.5 mm wood hook) I really want to crochet a babett inspired afghan (a granny square afghan with 3 different size squares.) THANKS!

If you’re a continental knitter, hold the working yarn the exact same way when you’re crocheting. The working yarn should be held tightly against the hook, and if your stitches are tight, rotate the hook so it’s facing the bottom of the stitch you’re working in, being sure it’s caught the working yarn. That gives you more room to fit the hook through the previous stitch.

Not sure if that was very clear… so insert your hook into the stitch, YO, rotate the hook, having caught the yarn, so the hook portion faces the finished work, then pull through. That A- holds the working yarn in place and B-prevents the hook getting caught on the stitch.

Only practice will get you comfortable, and the right tension, just like in knitting.

Don’t feel badly though, I’ve been crocheting for 20 years and with the piece I’m working on now I’m having to count stitches on every row because I keep skipping (Lion Homespun is a pain for seeing stitch definition).

This site is very very good i think it would solve the prob: