Just learning - stitches too tight

i only just started trying to learn to knit a few days ago. i’ve done cross stitch and sewing in the past and know that i like the feeling of seeing a project that i’ve made with my hands come together.

oh, and i once tried to crochet a blanket, but every row got bigger and bigger until it was too huge and i gave up.

so, this time i’m looking for help right as i start and i like this forum since no one i know in real life knits. (My grandmother did a lot but she recently passed away.)

anyway, i’ve got casting on and knitting down reasonably well, but i think my knit stitches are getting tighter and tighter with each row and i’m not sure exactly why, although the obvious seems to be that i’m pulling the yarn too tight.

i would love any beginner tips anyone can offer to me!

Welcome! You’ll find lots of good stuff and great, helpful people here. Don’t ever be afraid to post a question.

I think you nailed it - you’re probably pulling the yarn too tight. You really only need to give an extra tug on the first stitch of a row. As you knit, making the next stitch automatically tightens the one before it (and so on). Stay loose and relaxed and let the needles do their work. If you have a problem getting your needle through a stitch, it’s too tight. It should not be difficult to get the needle through a stitch.

Good luck. Keep practicing. You’ll get it. And, it’s great to have another member of the KH family! :thumbsup:

ah, i think the answer is only pull on the first stitch then. i have been pulling on every stitch and my finger tips are actually sore from the effort of poking the needle through! LOL!

well, thanks for the answer and the welcome! i can’t wait to go try some more…

Yes, there’s no need to pull on the individual sts. With practice the wrap around the ndl should be somewhat relaxed and you’ll establish a rhythm so the sts are even and, ultimately, neither loose nor tight. By snugging each st you’re making more work for yourself so try to relax! Also, don’t grip the ndls and yarn…the ndls should just be resting in your hand as you guide them.

good advice! thank you!

another tip is to make sure you are creating the stitch around the widest part of the needle and not right at the tip which makes smaller stitches.

ooh, that’s a good one too. i think i have been closer to the tip.

it probably also doesn’t help that i’m using size 6 needles but probably the thickest yarn possible. i’m just practicing at this point though…

i started over yesterday and the stitches do seem looser by not pulling everyone tight but just letting the next stitch pull it along.

Yeah, if you’re using thick yarn, then you want at least 6mm, not US 6. Size 11 or 8mm would be good too.

so if i keep practicing with my thick yarn and small needles, things might be easier for me when i switch to right sized yarn for my needles? LOL

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I’m convicted of both of those crimes. :sad:

Thank you, Sn0wwhite, for asking this question. Thank you to all who have answered.


so if i keep practicing with my thick yarn and small needles, things might be easier for me when i switch to right sized yarn for my needles? LOL

Most likely. In the meantime, you could try knitting with large pencils or chopsticks (depends on how big they are…sharpen them in a pencil sharpener) if you need something larger to work with in the interim.

As just someone starting out who has just finish doing some mittens and onto the next project - I have found that the morey ou knit the more you flow and the less issue you will have with pulling too tight. I also discovered that knitting has a lot to do with common sense. I followed a pattern for mittens and some of it I didn’t really understand so did some guess work. I think you can’t be scared of picking apart your knitting really.

I had to redo the thumbs after completing it because they were too big - I just picked at it and redid a few lines and it was fine…just uSED MY HEAD!

Haha, what you’re describing (sore fingers) is exactly how i felt at the beginig. I’m still unexperience enough to not be able to answer any questions on this forums, but i figured i could give yours a try…

What i found worked was instead of passing the thread through your little finger and then your index finger just pass it through your index finger. My granny showed me that, but if it’s too difficult, always remember when you’re knitting with the thread through both fingers to keep the thread really loose, letting it flow through nicely.

Also make sure it’s unvareled (sp?) as you knit, so you don’t have to pull on the ball of wool to make it unravel, because even now when that happens to me my stitches get tighter.
There, that’s all i can think of.