Just for Fun: What NOT to knit!

I found this hilarious site several years ago: http://whatnottoknit.blogspot.com/.

I hadn’t looked at it in a long time–until this morning. I’m delighted to find that it’s just as funny as ever.

You may not agree with all of their decisions, but I guarantee some of them will make you laugh (or just make you shake your head and want to cry–in a good way, of course).


Thanks for the link…I think. LOL

I’ve seen this before, too. Pretty funny! I wouldn’t classify them all as ugly, but I do consider some of them a waste of time and yarn. :lol:

Oh, my. Some of those are very… special.:roflhard:

That giant anatomically correct sick monkey- what on earth possessed them???

And all the sock monkey breast faces

Thanks for the laughs. I am up stressing instead of sleeping because I have surgery next Monday and a possible extended recovery time and this was just the ticket, thanks again.

Those are HYSTERICAL!! (with a little bit of “sick” on the side) The guy on Ace of Cakes made a knitting basket cake once! It was for a woman who was celebrating her 90th b-day!!! That must be the only way you can have your knitting and eat it too!!

Thanks for the laugh!:roflhard: :roflhard:

Sorry to hear about your pending surgery and resulting anxiety. I hope all goes better than expected and the recovery time is short!!