Just Bought spinning wheel

I just bought a spinning wheel and it doesnt have any hooks on the flyer.

Is it supposed to be like this? Does this cause me to have to do something different when spinning?

There are meant to be hooks on the flyer, yes.
Do you have pictures of the rest of the wheel? Is there any evidence of holes where hooks would have been? Also, is the bobbin removable? Some spinning wheels are made literally as non-functional, decorative items, and unfortunately can still get sold as ‘working’ items.
The evidence I’m seeing so far would suggest this isn’t a functional wheel.

Yes the bobbin is removeable, no thereis no evidence of holes where the hooks would be but there is places filled wit wood putty and stained over that might be hiding holes.


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I think you might be able to get it working, then, with a bit of careful drilling and new hooks, for a start :slight_smile:

That looks pretty much like my Canadian Production Wheel. You should be able to put hooks on the flyer by drilling small holes first, then screwing cup hooks in the holes. There is a forum on Ravelry.com that is just about these wheels. Mine was made in Canada across from Detroit in 1800’s - I’d have go dig out the exact information. I don’t use it much, because I have several other wheels. But that is another story!


Thank you, I have come to the conclusion that I am going to have to just replace the flyer and bobbin and am waiting on a reply from that group for suggestions on where to find one. I have also found the Paradis maker’s stamp on my wheel so I am happy to announce that it is in fact a CPW