Just bought Baby Knits for Beginners by Debblie Bliss

I haven’t started knitting yet but when I do finish something I’ll post a picture because I’ll be so proud!

Let us know how you liked the book, too. :thumbsup:

Ohh!! I was looking at that very same book today when I visited DH at work. (he works in a book store so I get all my books at 25% off) Hehe…

Do let me know if you think it’s any good. I’m still wondering if it’s worth buying… :shrug:

good luck & congrats… it’s SUCH a great addiction (cause its never just a hobby)…

The book is good for me because it shows the very basics even how to cast on with those all important pics. I could have followed instructions from the inernet but sometimes it’s nice to have an old fashioned book!

It’s a great book! Make sure before you knit anything you check the errata on her web page. See link below. Scroll down for the patterns in the book you just purchased.