Just a thought

i think we are very fortunate to be in the states… why i said so it because during the recent travelling i notice that alot of countries do not have supplies like we did here…

example like singapore where i grew up …there only had not more than 3 knitting stores one from the local that import yarn and needles from Japan… never see a yarn for sock ever before …most are cotton …cotton blend …acrylic or the most is wool…books found are if lucky rowan from USA…prepared to pay alot for it and the rest are japanese book… i know singapore are muddy and humid most of the time… the needles selection are mostly clover …seldom see any 16" circular ever…another store is from Australia called “spotlight” knitting books are horrible nothing fancy and the yarn is mostly acrylic the brand panda i think…some cotton yarn but if you want 8 or 10 pieces to make a sweater forget it …the color u want always are the left over like 2 to 3 here and there…

now we go to mexico city… tons of acrylic …cotton…and rayon…that about it and knitting/crochet needles selection are to the minimum…but one thing for sure they are really into colours … tons of selection on the colour on each type of yarn…

now into East Africa… only Acrylic yarn that i found there in the local market…tons of colors too so i far being 18 days there i saw one lady crochet and another one knitting… their needles are aluminum kind…

next Switzerland… affordable sock yarn …brand like Regia…Schaffhauser …Trekking …Lang…Jawoll…Opal…etc etc…
knitting needles brand are Pony… Prym…some wooden kind …

yup no KP harmony nor Addi turbo that i see in these countries… here in US we got alpaca…wool…cashmere…merino…and so many more…

i think i will bring some special yarn/needle with me next time if i am visiting another country and if i happened to see some one who knit or crochet …that would be my gift to them …

So true. We really don’t appreciate the choices we have.

What a fantastic gift that would be. Imagine knitting with the only yarn available and someone handing you a hank of alpaca? :heart:

That’s a great idea, Kitty! A little knitting goodwill! :hug:

That might make a wonderful girlscout/boyscout project… collecting knitting/crochet supplies and goods and sending them to less fortunate areas around the world… :slight_smile:

What an inspiration you all are. I agree that we don’t appreciate what we have or the wonderful options open to us.

That is a fantastic idea!

I grew up in B’desh and know exactly what you are talking about!

Consider yourself a Goodwill Ambasador! I’m just getting excited imagining what it would be like to hand off some yummy yarn/wool to someone who’s only ever knitted acrylic!

Yep - even here in NZ - land of many sheep, there isn’t a huge amount of choice for knitters. Yes we do have some lovely wool but there aren’t alot of wool shops & they don’t stock all the cool accessories that you guys have. As for knitting classes or clubs - very rare.

I’m overseas on a military base, and haven’t found a yarn shop nearby…although there is a small selection of yarns at the 100 Yen shops(dollar stores). I went to our arts & crafts center on base yesterday and they had 5 skeins of Red Heart Super Saver…all black.
Thank goodness for on-line ordering! But… I never know what colors I’m getting!

AnotherBecca… I used to live in Okinawa-- and I don’t think that there was ever YARN in the 100 yen stores??? (love the plastic storage stuff though- still using some in my classroom- for over 10 years now.)

You should SPACE A to Seoul, Korea… (PM me and I’ll tell you details if you’re interested and will even send you yarn if you don’t think that you can come over here- we’ll figure something out for you to get some good yarn!) We have a wonderful, wonderful yarn market in the basement of the fabric building. Yarns from: Korea (usually just acrylic- but, sometimes blends w/ wool or mohair), Italy, Japan (too expensive for me to buy- but, the colors are yummy), Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Turkey, and a few other places here and there. Bamboo circular knitting needles that are amazing to use that they are all that I use to knit w/ now.

Now, we don’t have fancy stitch markers and the such… but, I just buy the supplies in the jewerly market and make my own. And, the yarn prices are about 1/3 to 1/2 less than USA import prices! All of the new winter yarns will be ready for sale by the first week of October! :smiley:

Now, we don’t have all the knitting tools that you can buy in the states- but, they do have cable needles/etc… (of course- I had to finally see someone using one- to be able to find one and to let them know that I wanted to buy one.) and I am fortunate that I can order any needed items that I didn’t already own (prior to living overseas) from the states.


give me a list of stuff that you cannot get in USA… and yes i will work something out for you guys… i will do my very best …

Interesting observations. Becca, I’m military in Japan too up near Yokohama and we have the Yuzawaya and some small local shops. Naha might have a small private shop or two, they might be hidden. It took me 1.5years to find the 2 that are right outside the base here!

My DH is on contract here in the United Arab Emirates (near Iran) - and right now, I wish we were ANYWHERE else!! :violin:There is only one place to get yarn in the whole country - and that is a stationery shop (2hrs away) that has a couple of shelves of woebegotten, nameless brands, mainly acrylic yarn of very basic colours! No needles, no accessories … nothing! :noway: Then, no such thing as PayPal exists here either, so internet buying is virtually impossible. :oo: The censors have banned flickr, so I cannot see any flickr photos at all. And now, the final straw for the camel … [B]they have just banned Ravelry[/B] because it is a “dating” website!!
I - just - give - up!!!:shrug::hair::thud:

Do you guys have a MPS mailing address? If so let me know and I’ll send you stuff via MPS which is FREEEEEE! :slight_smile:

Bah, Thank you so much for the offer … no, we are civilians, not on a military base. But thanks for the thought!:hug:You made me feel a little bit more positive today. lotsa love, lulu