Just a quick question

for those of you with with both KP’s nickle-plated [I]and [/I]Harmony tips. When I use my nickle-plated tips, I can get a tiny bit paranoid that they’re constantly unscrewing (which they’re not) because the light sound they make hitting each other sounds almost exactly like the joins after they’re a tad loose. Do the Harmony tips do this as well? I would think that they don’t because they are wood, but since I’ve never used them I thought I’d ask here.

No, they don’t make the same kind of clicking sound. Why not get a set of tips with your next order and try them for yourself? :slight_smile:

I actually already have a set of dpns and I :heart: them. At some point I want the whole set, so I think I’ll hold off until I’ve got the $. I’ll probably get the interchangeables, and then the sock set.

I’ve only used the Harmonys, but I haven’t had that happen.

I have both, although I’m a metal sort of knitter, so I prefer the Nickels and haven’t found too many yarns I prefer on the Harmony over the Nickels. They (so far) haven’t ever come untwisted, but I always use the little pin. (I actually quite like the little click, actually. It makes me feel like I’m actually knitting. Sad, I know.)