just a quick pattern question

Hi Y’all!

I’m knitting this sweater:

and I have a quick question. This sweater is knit all in one piece with a seam up the sides to finish. I’m at the portion of the pattern where I have to BO stitches to create the two front sides. Actually, I have two questions. HAHA.

  1. The pattern says: “With WS facing, pattern across 108 stitches, BO 36 stitches pattern to end. (I get this part) NEXT ROW: (and this is where I’m struggling) pattern across, ending CO 25 sts. Place remaining stitches on holders for left front.” SO…I’m casting off working in both directions? Do I knit one way, cast off a few then work to the end…then turn it around and do what? knit to the last 25 and cast those off?

  2. Can I just keep both sides on the needles and knit them both at the same time with two balls of yarn? That seems MUCH more organized to me. Or is that going to be a pain in the butt?

Thank you!

I might be on the wrong track here but it looks like
BO Bind Off 36
CO cast on 25

Perhaps re check your pattern for the BO and CO.
I made a baby kimono recently knitted side ways, cuff to cuff, so it was a different way to yours, I know it can be a little confusing (for me) to visualise what is what when something is knit in a different direction, for instance I can’t really work out what the CO is for without looking at a schematic… but perhaps with the project in front of you the CO will make more sense?

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This isn’t a great photo but it seems to be at just about where you are in the pattern.
It looks like the bind off is the back of the neck and the cast on on the next row is for the left front.
If you’re going to work both fronts at the same time, you could follow these directions, casting on 25sts on the left front then using a second ball of yarn, cast on 25sts for the right front and continue knitting across to the end of row.
See if this diagram helps.

Creations, it did remind my of a variation of the baby kimono that you made so nicely!


OOOHHHH!!! I was totally reading that wrong. Yes, that makes perfect sense! So, just to make sure I have this right because it’s about 1,000,000º here today and I’m sleepy…

I knit, my 108, bind off 36 and keep knitting, then I turn and knit to the end of what I have and cast on 25 stitches? In my mind I can just about see it. I know once I do it it’ll make more sense.

Thank you so much!


Yes, that’ll be the start of one front. Sometimes just seeing it on the needles makes much more sense. And you can always add in a lifeline if you’re in serious doubt.
If you want to work the two fronts at the same time (I love this way of doing it), cast on 25 new sts with the second ball of yarn and knit to the end of row on the other front.
We also have one of those days where the heat thinks it’s in a contest with the humidity to see who gets to 100 first. See how this goes and come back if it isn’t making sense.

Glad you’ve worked it out. It makes sense for me too now.
Looking forward to seeing the finished project.

Are you planning on putting a button hole in? I noticed lots of the photos of this kimono have a western style female fastening of placing right side over left, with a button hole on the right and a button on the left, but a kimono “should” be wrapped left over right regardless of being worn by a female. I debated for a while over which side to have the baby kimono wrapped and decided on the traditional left over right.
Of course it is personal taste, I just wondered if you had thought of it especially now you are about to begin the fronts. I chose to use an afterthought button hole which is put in after the knitting is finished so I could really see exactly where I wanted it.

Hi! Sorry, I missed this.

No, I don’t think I’ll add a buttonhole but the side for it never crossed my mind. Your point about the side is very interesting! I have a very similar sweater to this one by Eileen Fisher and it has no button and I like it that way. But I think it does look nice both ways.