Jumper pattern help! :(

Hi everyone! I’ve been knitting for a couple years and really had my eye on this jumper. Unfortunately the pattern is no longer available but I had my heart set on making it for my baby. I’ve never made a big project like this before so I just want some advice please on how this jumper is knit.

I think it’s knit flat, seamed and it looks like reverse stockinette? Also does anyone else think there is some sort of increase happening in the middle of the collar? Any advise/insight/help would be really really appreciated x

There are a lot of pullover hoodie patterns on Ravelry. It would probably be easier to find a new one than to reconstruct this one. Tell us what you want… like yarn weight, size, seamed or seamless, pullover or cardigan, etc and we can help. Or you can look on Ravelry and filter for your needs.