Jumper (dress) pattern for child

I was considering knitting a jumper for my granddaughter. It took me a while to find a pattern. I found “ cotton chenille girls jumper” by crystal palace. First, the yarn is discontinued second, I was not that crazy about chenille. I have determined it’s Aran weight (4). So if I do this it won’t be done in chenille. But if anyone has an alternative pattern similar to this one, it might be better. She wears a little girl size 6.

That really is a sweet pattern. Any yarn that knits at close to 16sts/4" should work. Chenille can be a pain to work with so perhaps just as well that it’s discontinued.
There are some cute patterns on Ravelry mostly around 20sts/4", a worsted weight yarn.

(60 Quick Knits is in my public library so you might try yours for the book.)

You might also try searching for “pinafore” or “sun dress”.
(You’ve got me thinking that I may need to make one of these for a friend of mine.)

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I love the zigzag jumper dress. So to get the pattern it looks like I have to purchase the publication it was printed in. I am very new to ravelry and don’t really know very much about how it works. Any info appreciated.

See if your local library carries it first.
It’s available from the publisher but it may be more than you want to pay.

The “60 Quick Knits” books are in general very nice with useful patterns but for a single pattern, try the library or a used book store first.

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If you’re unable to find a copy of the pattern book maybe this pattern?

Or this one, it is not a pinafore style and has long sleeves but I think you could leave the sleeves out and add a decorative edge to the armhole.

I like drops patterns as I find them easy to follow and they’re free and the yarns can be substituted, they have a page which works out how much to get if you switch to a different drops yarn.

I love the pleating and cable detail in the honey pie dress… I have no one to make it for.

I love all the ideas. I’m sure I’ll find a good option. Appreciate Salmonmac’s suggestion of checking the library. Thanks everyone for the input.

I am still leaning towards the zigzag dress. I feel it is within my wheelhouse. Some of the others I am afraid over my level, though very cute. I’ve been knitting a year and done cowls and headbands and slippers. I am almost finished with fun and flouncy knit cardigan by yarnspiration (just need to seam everything and do neckband and front band). I did do this triangle scarf. I will send picture. So without being able to scan through directions I can just go by the pictures whether I can do this. Anyway here is a pic of the scarf. I am quite proud of it.

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That’s very impressive. Lovely stitch pattern and color palette. Well done!

If you can find the pattern or book we’ll all be happy to help you with the pattern.

Found the book. Not at local library but is able to be borrowed from a library in another city. So will have it shortly. Thanks for the wonderful suggestion


Great news! Hope the pattern goes well but if any problems come up, you know where to post.