a shawl, baby sling, and a bogga bag soon

I think Debbie is asking where Hildie is with her knit-along for the month of July. Not to step on Hildie’s toes, but I would like to suggest a beach theme. Sea shells, sand colored things, cabana stripes, bikinis, cabana boys, cabana striped bikinis for cabana boys…

What is your grand idea for this month, Miss Hildegard?

Hildie is gonna be SO happy that y’all are looking forward to her monthly KAL!!! She’s gonna feel HUGGED! :inlove:

Oooh I do! I do!!! I have yet to participate (I have project issues) but I do look forward to them. I even get my project all picked out, find the right yarn… and have guilt about not having time to do it :rofling:

0 my bad :oops:

OMG!!! I am such a slacker!!!
Sara, that is a PERFECT IDEA! You win the prize!

What’d I win?! I’m so thrilled! An all-expenses-paid trip to the midwest for yarn twiddling fun?! OOOOO!

Oh, well. I did just hear the “Let’s Make a Deal” booby prize soundtrack. (WAH-wah)

:rofling: :rofling: :rofling:

I’ll gladly accept your gratitude as my reward. I am happy to be of service.