July 21st, who's holding their breath?!

I’ve been constantly re-reading, over and over again, for months. I don’t actually sit down with a book, though. I’ve got all of the audiobooks (read by Stephen Fry, of course) on my mp3 player, and if I am cleaning I am listening, if I am knitting I am listening. In fact, the only time I don’t listen is at meal, when I leave the house (though I listen then, too, sometimes), or when I am on the computer.

I am obsessed. I’ve even started listening to HP podcasts, which my husband teases me about. I draw the line at fan-fiction…at least until the story is over. :wink:

I started a couple of weeks ago - books 1-3 took me 2 weeks … Book 4 took 2-3 days … and now I’m on Book 5 (my least favourite)

I will NOT look at spoilers!

I’m not looking at the spoilers, either, but it’s killing me!!!

Kaydee, thanks for that link! I was going to read through all the books again but I don’t know if I’ll have time!

Both of those spoilers could easily be fake. The first one could still be photoshopped.

Can we keep this thread spoiler free at least? I really don’t want any. :pray:

Yeah - I’d like to keep this thread “spoiler free” too - I want to read about HP, but not any spoilers:noway:…and it’s killing me :gah:staying away from the other thread …I WILL have willpower, I will, I will!

How about some speculation based on the books only? I’ll start:
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Add me to the list. Mine’s pe-ordered and, like last time I’ll probably get it the day after it goes on sale. I don’t need a crowd.

Last time the man in front of me and the man behind me in line were all buying Harry Potter books. For ourselves.

I also love to listen to them.

Does anyone know how different the Americanized version is from the British (original)?


Wow, so many HP fans here! Oh my, you DO know that could lead you into the practice of witchcraft, right??? JUST KIDDING! I can’t believe how many times I’ve heard or read that. My kids think it’s pretty hilarious. I mean, it’s a story! And a good story at that.

What really has me scratching my head is that lots of people who avoid HP are avid Lord of the Rings/Narnia/other fantasy fans.

I’m having mine delivered to my house. If it’s a day late, it’s free, they say. My two teen girls will be buying theirs at a local grocery store as soon as it opens in the morning.

Happy reading, everybody!

My mini household is excited! 7 yr old DS, DH and I are keeping a verbal countdown. I’ve read the books once, but DH has read them each at least 2 times. He works at Borders and has been in charge of HP events. I even helped him prepare for his wand making class.
He’s in preparation for the release night. DS is autistic and recites whole movie passages, but isn’t into the books…yet.
I love the cover of the UK adult edition. I’m thinking about getting for DH.

PLEASE! Do NOT post spoilers!! :?eyebrow:

Thank you, you may now continue the conversation. :teehee::hug:

Looking at SS vs. PS and they are very much the same with some minor changes for small things and what the British call things as opposed to the American term. Think lift and elevator.

Oh man, this thread is making me absolutely [I]ache [/I]with anticipation. I just started re-reading book 6. I re-read the other ones for book 5, otherwise I’d totally start on book 1 again.

OMG, if she kills off Harry, it will send half the world into mourning! :shock: Seriously! …But I have to admit, I’ve always pictured Harry and Voldemort both dying in the end. It seems poetic somehow since they have such a parellel to each other. I sure hope I’m wrong though, and Harry lives! :pray:

I’m a slow reader, so when the book is released, I’m not going any where near this thread for a week! Rorchach, holy cow, do you really read 600 pgs/hr.? :shock: That’s incredible! :notworthy: I’m totaly jealous. Except for this month. :stuck_out_tongue:

Good point. I’m starting a new thread for “Harry Potter plot speculation”, and moving our spoilers/discussion there. :wink:

My favorite is when Narnia gets banned for being un-Christian. It’s like, um, hello? Aslan is totally an allegorical representation of Jesus!

You know - I read the whole series of Narnia books when I was younger and never clicked … it was only when the film came out last year (?) or whenever and there was talk about it being religous-ey that I realised!!! :teehee:

another thought is to buy the Adult cover - presume your Mum will get the normal cover version … :think:

I think that HP will end up being a parable/allegory in itself. Jo has said she is a Christian, but flatly refuses to comment on the religious aspects of HP because," It would give too much away." Interesting, eh?

Yeah…especially since the author was a Christian. :teehee:

Me, too. :oops: :teehee:

An author’s religion doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with the book, and I generally disapprove of reading books/poems/plays/whatever within the context of the author’s biography, but Lewis SAID it was an allegory. :teehee:

SO true!
But it’s funny that his own crowd is ganging up against him, isn’t it? :teehee: