July 2012 thread: addi click needles and the difference

hello everyone ,
i want to buy interchangable knitting needles
and read lots of reviews regarding it and came to the conclusion that addi click needles are good than others
but i am very confused i first time came to the notice that there are lace needles too
which are seperate from normal knitting needles
what is the difference between lace needles and normal knitting needles ?
and can lace needles be used in knitting socks than hats sweaters etc
lace needles has blue cord size 16”, 20”, 24”, 32”, and 40”
soo thought that this set will be all in one and i dont have to invest more in buying needles
pls can anyone suggest and help
and if anyone has been using addi click can pls give me a review about it
thank uuuuu soo much

I love the Addi needles because the slick surface is perfect for my style of knitting. The lace needles are slightly more tapered at the tip making them easier to insert into the stitches used in lace. Here’s a review that seems helpful although it may be one you’ve seen already.

i have the addi click turno set and i love them . I know other people with the knit picks option and they’ve had some problems with them disconnecting. I had a problem with two of my cords and I call Addi (on a holiday) and was told to go to any store that carried Addi clicks and they would tear apart the set they had in store to supply me with my cords no questions asked. they did just that and I thought it was great. Life time warranty, you don’t need the recipt and the needles are THE BEST! I love them. I wouldn’t go with the lace set unless you do a lot of lace. I’m sure whatever you buy you will love :slight_smile:

I have just ordered the Knit Picks Harmony. The only time mine loosened was when I didn’t use the key to tighten the cable to the needle. I advised that if someone is having an issue with the cable coming apart to try to have someone else tighten it. If the cable holds then that could possibly indicate muscle fatigue or other common problems such as inflammation. I like Harmony as they are great for lace or regular knitting and cost $84.00. The yarn slides easily across the needle and cable but isn’t so slick that you are fighting to keep the stitches on the needle. The Knit Picks customer service is unlike any customer service I have ever seen. I purchased the trial set and one needle had a bit of a rough joint. They mailed me out 2 additional needles ad said to just toss the one away. No questions asked. I also recently broke a cable, I think I bent it at the joint and again they promptly sent a new one out. Actually 2 new ones as they come in a set. Again they trusted that the cable was in fact broken. I offered to mail it to them in which they responded " it isn’t necessary" With my first order there was a misunderstanding with shipping charges as I thought my order had free shipping ( promotion isn’t available in Canada due to customs) and they refunded my charge any way. Any company that is that attentive to their customers has my business for life. The trial set is $19.00 for a set of 3 needles and 2 cables. You get a size 6 Harmony pair, size 7 nickle plated and size 8 acrylic. Addi click may have a trial set as well. I’m not sure. I thought I seen one for $21.00 but it may have been something different.

Does anyone know if Addi does have a trial set? If so where can I buy them. I would like to give them a shot as well.

I’ve never had a problem with my options disconnecting. I once broke a needle and the cord by over tightening and knit pics replaced both without charge.

I’ve done a lot of poking the internet reading reviews about Addi’s. The only real complaint I’ve seen (aside from the ridiculous cost) is the cord can get twisted up and be difficult to get relaxed again. Don’t know how true that is or not just what my own research has shown me. I have all the knit pics and love 'em all for various reasons.

I’ve only had the join loosen a few times and that was before I started using the http://www.organize.com/grlishli20x5.html//"]shelf liner grippy to tighten and loosen. Another hint… Always hold the metal part when you tighten or loosen, never the cable itself. I also slide stitches without yanking. :thumbsup:

I have all three types of Addi:

  1. the[B] Addi Turbo [/B](set-circs, not interchangeable)
  2. the [B]Addi Clicks[/B] (interchangeable)
  3. the [B]Addi Clicks Lace Long /B

As far as the needles themselves go, they’re great! Wonderful!
Just because I own the Clicks, I still use my ‘set-circs’ Addi Turbos.

The gold cord on the Addi Turbo set-circs has to be warmed in hot water to uncoil the curve. The new Addi Turbo set-circs have the blue cord. Curling isn’t an issue. (I have one pair of them) But LYS’s aren’t going to de-stock their inventory of gold cords, believe me! Too much money invested. My LYS in Renton carries a little of both. As the gold cords sell out, her new inventory is blue cords.

The needles on the [B]Addi Click[/B]s and [B]Addi Clicks Lace Longs [/B]are even smoother than the [B]Addi Turbos.[/B] Totally sensational! You wouldn’t think Addi could improve the finish that is on the Turbos, would you?! But they did!

[COLOR=Red][B]Here are two drawbacks on Addi Clicks and Addi Clicks Lace Longs interchangeables:[/B]
[/COLOR] [B]1)[/B] the sets are [U]expensive[/U], as are the spare parts

[B]2)[/B] the US 4, 5, 6 are [U]useless[/U] (there is a teeny bump all round where the shank end of needle clicks onto the cord…and it snags the stitches as they pass over that join)

I’m tellin’ ya’…it is ANNOYING to no end!

[B]The snagging issue isn’t a manufacturing flaw. [/B]So sending them back for a new set doesn’t fix the issue. [B] It’s a design flaw.[/B] I traded in my 4’s, 5’s, and 6’s at my LYS way back when they were new…but the replacement needles snag the stitches, too.

No, I don’t knit tight. My gauge is spot on. It is the design of the join. The stitches created on 4’s, 5’s, and 6’s are smaller than the join area.

With the 7’s and up…the stitches themselves are large enough to pass over the join with no snagging.

So, here’s what I do: I use my Addi Turbo set-circs when I need to use US 4, 5, or 6…which is rarely. Phew.

The[B] Addi Clicks Lace Long[/B] have an excellent sharp tip! The word ‘long’ is in reference to a normal 6" total needle length, as opposed to plain Addi Clicks Lace needles which sport a stubby needle length. I think they did that to accommodate a 16" cable for knitting in the round, or so they said.

The Addi Clicks tips are rounded, perfect to use with yarns that tend to split. Or if you push your stitches off the needle tip with your fingertip!

[B]I also own Knit Picks Options in nickel plated and Harmony wood. [/B] I love them to pieces, too.
They’re relatively inexpensive, the spare parts are cheap, and the customer service is unparalleled.

[B]I’ve never had a tip come unscrewed.[/B] However, I’ve had a cable total pop out, come undone, from the shank! And it’s impossible to push it back in there. But this has only happened on the long 47" and 60" cables. It happened when I had 1,000 stitches on the cable (Log Cabin blanket project) and I was yanking on the blanket to drag the stitches up on the left hand needle. POP GOES THE WEASEL!

So be aware, the Options cables won’t take that kind of yanking and tugging. BTW: they should have withstood this…cuz why else would a knitter be using with a 60" cable except knitting a blanket??? with a ton a stitches to drag along!

Knit Picks replaced my cables. But happened again a year or so later on another blanket project. :shrug: I didn’t call back again. It is what it is.

[B][SIZE=2][COLOR=Blue]Here is my recommendation:[/COLOR][/SIZE]
[/B]If you can only purchase one type/set of interchangeables, go with[B] Knit Picks![/B] :heart:
They’re great needles, and priced right! You won’t regret it.

A couple of knitter friends also complained about the join on Addis. So annoying.

The cable came out of the join on one of my KP needles once, but they promptly sent a new one. In the meantime my DH superglued it very carefully and it’s been fine ever since! :thumbsup:

To not tug on the cable is one of my standard hints for using them. Now I hold the cable itself to slide so the join is never stressed. This is probably good advice for any circ. :slight_smile:

Thank u soooo much everyone
Thanks for the help will make the right choice

Because of all of the comments on Addi needles being the best needles for lace knitting. I broke down and bought a set.I got the addi clicks and I love them. I bought them from amazon and the seller was Nancy Parsons and her websites is
www.addineedleshop.com. They have free shipping worldwide
on all yarn and needle orders with no minimum purchase.The name of their yarn is Colorsong. I have no connection to this site other than a very satifified customer.

Thank you all for this useful info!

Artlady1981, since you’ve used both Addi Click Lace and KnitPicks nichel plated needles, can you please tell us which one you prefer for lace knitting?

I’m getting back to knitting and just bought Addi Click Bamboo set (because I heard they are less tiring for my sometimes arthritic hands) but am finding join issue with 3.5mm size for cotton/linen lace yarn. Am okay with knitting with metal needles for a little while so wanted to know the difference between the above two.

Thank you!

I have the KnitPick Options set, with the nickel needle points and I love it more than human words can convey. Let’s just say that I love them slightly less than my motorcycle and that about puts it in the correct perspective.

However, with that said, I am having a cousin from Holland bring me a set of Addi Cliks when they come later this spring because it’s A)cheaper to buy there and B) I’m cheap. I’m looking forward to comparing and contrasting (with the added bonus that I can use this “study” to justify buying more yarn for more projects). Hope you enjoy yours. And just for clarity’s sake, I have never, not once, had a problem disengaging my needles from the cables nor had a problem with yarn catching on the joins.