Judy's magic cast on, working yarn issues

This is my first time knitting socks, using Judy’s magic cast on on circulair needles.

I have tried using this method as well as the turkish cast on, and I keep running into the same problem. I’m not sure if it’s even a problem at all because it is not mentioned in any tutorial that I come across, but it bothers me to no end and I can’t help feeling that I’m doing something wrong.

The problem is as follows; whenever I have knitted all the cast on stitches on the bottom needle and the top needles, I begin knitting as one normally would according to the instructions that I have come across. Meaning; pull the bottom needle in front and slide the stiches on to the cord etc.

As I go along and come unto the end of the stitches and try to repeat the procces by flipping the needles, the working yarn is on the wrong needle. This causes there to be a vertical line of yarn as I pull the working yarn towards the now upper needle.

This looks really bad and I get the idea that influences the flexibility of the work.

So tell me knitters, am I doing something wrong?
-A very confused beginner :think:

Ps. I am talking about toe up socks in this case

Hi and welcome to KH. I’m looking at my toe up socks I have on the needles right now. I’m not at all sure I understand the problem. How are you “flipping the needles” and is it resulting in a yarn over? Have you watched youtube videos for working in the round with any cast on? After the initial cast on the rest is pretty much the same. Are you doing magic loop, two circular needles, or using small diameter circs?

Yes I am using the magic loop. What I meant was, when I finish knitting a needle, and I want to knit the other one, the yarn is on the wrong needle and when I pull it up to knit I create a line of yarn so to spreak.

the problem I am talking about occurs at 4:21, but the instructor doesn’t say anything about it.

Welcome to KnittingHelp!
The yarn is coming off the bottom needle immediately after the cast on. When the position of the needles is rotated, the yarn is coming off the top needle and that strand is used to knit back across the top needle. Yes, in a sense the yarn is coming off the wrong needle but that’s the last time it should happen. As you continue with magic loop, the yarn will be coming off the bottom needle (as at 5:20 and 6:19 in the video).
Maybe it helps to think of it as knitting a circle but with two pauses on either side of the circle to adjust the stitches.

Thanks for the clearification! I guess it is supposed to be this way, but won’t it show when I cast the stitches off at the end of the sock?

This video shows casting on and you already have your cast on so the first 2 minutes or so might not interest you. At about 4 mins. she shows turning the work and what to do with the working yarn. HTH

I’ve used this cast on and followed similar directions and there’s not really a problem. If there’s a small hole at that first stitch after the cast on, you can always close it up with the yarn tail.