Judy's Magic Cast On + Join in the round?

I’m following a pattern for knitting a really pretty tote bag but I can’t get past the beginning stage. The bag is knit using the magic loop technique, and says to cast on stitches using Judy’s Magic Cast On, join in the round, and then do 3 rounds of stockinette.

I watched a couple videos on JMCO that don’t explain how to join in the round so I just kinda went for it and didn’t do anything to “join in the round” and did three stockinette rounds but the edges are really separated and the piece is working up as just a weird way to knit a flat piece and its not circular. :frowning:

I’m not sure if there is an actual technique I’m missing here or this is just a regular beginner’s struggle with tension so any help/opinions are appreciated!

I also saw something about maybe my circular needles not having a long enough cable? I’m using Drops Safran on 3.25mm needles that are 29" long with 126 st cast on if that’s an issue also.

I hope this makes sense, if anyone has any advice I’d love to hear it! Or if anyone is just similarly lost and sad we can be sad together

Here’s a video that shows the results of the cast on for the toe of a sock but it can be used for the bottom of a tote as well.

You don’t have to do anything special to join in the round here. Working magic loop with attention to the tension when you change needles should close up any ladders or holes. It may be that you need a longer cable for the number of sts depending on the weight yarn you’re using. That relieves some of the pull on sts at the join. You need to be able to pull out a good sized loop of the cable to work magic loop. And of course, even tension helps.
Maybe practice a bit with fewer sts cast on until you’re happy with the tension and the cast on technique. If it absolutely doesn’t work you can always use another cast on, join in the round and sew up the bottom of the bag later. Good luck with it!

Rather than using JMCO, do a provisional cast on. It leaves a smaller jog.

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  1. No need to use a slip knot for JMCO. I think that creates a jog.

  2. Also no need to take the top needle in front of the bottom yarn. Instead take the botom yarn up between the needles and over the top needle. (No need to work those stitches TBL.)

I prefer this alternate method to JaMCO ( Judy’s almost-Magic Cast On) :wink::smirk:

And again another example of the improved Jmco.

Turn clockwise at 6:45 without flipping to the wrong side. And 7:10 continue knitting in the round with out any special technique.

And I now have to paraphrase the Texas Pete hot sauce commercial about …

The improved JMCO…
“I used that shit on everything!”

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