Joy's socks on "Earl"

Did anyone else see this week’s episode of “My Name is Earl”? I love that show, but I was really surprised to discover that Joy actually knits – she came to visit Earl in prison and brought him a pair of blue socks she had knit for him. Nice ones, too!:thumbsup:

They’re obviously hand knit, so I sort of wonder who actually knitted them. Hmm, could be an interesting back story. :think:

Joy is a trip!!:happydance:

Yeah she is. And probably not the one who knit the socks…

Yeah, I have to admit that when she said, "I brought you some cupcakes and some socks I made . . . " I was expecting to hear her say, “. . . and some socks I stole from that crazy knitter lady next door.” :teehee:

We don’t get the show where I live- but, I did buy Season 1 and I have seen the show. It cracks me up-- I knew people like this where I used to live. :smiley:

AND… one good thing about her bringing Earl socks that she had knitted- at least, ‘they’ (writers/producers/etc) didn’t make fun of knitting… when she brought him the hand-knit socks. :cheering: