Joke for dh

first off, the child is 12…second off, if I can find a pattern I’ll do it. (we are both wacky)

ya know how conversations end up taking on a life of their own? yesterday at Sunny’s they had purple cammo pants and jacket…I avoided listening to the conversation between dh and 12 yo ds. It was beyond rediculus…lol…but they were laughing it up big time. made me smile.

in my yarn stash today I received the SAME color purple verigated yarn. DS wants me to make a pair of boxer shorts for dh…and…“can I make them by his birthday???” Aug. 30.

is there such an animal? I’ll go for just a pair of shorts…but good golly…see…I TOLD you I’d make good use of my fun yarn. :roflhard:

LOL…I believe if you google it you can find a pattern for anything…that’s funny :roflhard: :roflhard:

i tried, but just came up with manufactured boxers…

i’ll look a bit differently…:slight_smile:

How about THIS!

uuuu…rrrr… :shock: :shock: i need that kitty wiping my screen!!!

rofl…a bit more suggestive than I was thinking…:slight_smile: if it were dh’s and I joke it would be great…but the 12 yo and little ones need to be involved too!!!

I AM going to save this tho…get some of the fun fur…ACK…is this still pg 13??? rofl… :oops:

You could probablly make up the pattern. Find a pair of boxers in his size, and write down the measurements, then start knitting! For the waistband, you coul djust do an eyelet row and thread an icord through for a drawstring. Yes?

summer shorts

hot pants but ds said…ewwwww…lol…I could make the legs longer???

both women’s patterns too…oh well, dinner needs attention…

i was hoping to avoid something like this…but…I would get a sure fit that way…lol…yeah, like he is even going to WEAR them???

can I have a guage lesson again please?

yep! It’s very easy. First knit a watch, and calculate your stitches per inch. The easiest way to do this (IMHO) is to cast on 20 stitches, knit 10-15 rows, then cast off but don’t cut your yarn*. Lay it flat, and measure how many inches across your swatch is, go to the closest 1/4th inch. So let’s pretend your swatch is 4.5 inches across… divide 20 stitches by 4.5 inches and you get your guage – in this case it’s 4.44444 stitches per inch, but we’ll round up to 4.5 stitches per inch.

Then, measure DH’s shorts… around the leg opening, length from leg hem to waist band, length from leg to crotch, top of the leg to waist, and waist around. write it all down and draw a diagram if you want to. (hildie is anal retentively into math). You could start at the waist and knit down, or do a leg, put it on holder, do the other leg, join them together and knit up. Either way, it’s the same to figure out how many stitches to ask on.

Let’s pretend you’re starting from the waist down… My DHs waist is 34 inches, so we’ll go with that. to get 34 inches you have to cast on 34 inches x 4.5 sts (your pretend guage) per inch = 153 stitches. If you do the waist in 2x2 ribbing, to make it more elastic, you’ll have to round up or down to the closent # divisible by 4, in this case 152.

SO, cast on 152 stitches, and knit until it’s as long as the top of leg to waist measurement, then divide for the legs… this will require some more math, which I will help you with if you need it when you get to that point with your actualy guage and measurements. Cool?

*i said don’t cut the yarn, but you CAN if you want to, to keep your swatch. If you don’t cut it, you can just unravel it, and use the yarn you did your swatch with to start your project. Either way, it doesn’t matter.

ALSO, you don’t HAVE to cast on 20 stitches. You can cast on 10 or 30 or 17 or 57 or whatever. Just remember what you cast on, then divide however wide your swatch is into that # of stitches[/size]


I actually understand it!!! lol…I’ll get pencil and paper in a day or so…I have a couple projects that “need” to be done first…and then I can work on this with an open mind.

I LOVE the idea that my ds thinks I can do something like this!!! baaahaaa…I LOVE the idea that the yarn didn’t cost me anything. I LOVE the idea that I am gonna learn something new…:slight_smile:

thanks!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:

no problem!

Hildie has MADD PHAT math SKILLLZ! Yo.

Maybe so, but I’m more impressed that she can knit a watch. :roflhard:

Hey Hilde, could you knit me one of those new Movados? Pretty pleeeeeze? :heart:

LOL. kk said (on the phone) “ooo silver got you…” I was like CRAP! did i make a math mistake??? :shock:

Typos, though… well i just put them in there just to keep ya’ll on their toes. :oops:

Like I would even notice a math mistake! :roflhard:

and I didn’t even notice the typo to begin with!!! rofl.