I feel silly asking this question because I’m probably supposed to know better, but I just can’t seem to get it right. What are some successful tips for joining yarns? I can do a felted join great, but what about when I’m not using feltable yarn? It seems like no matter how I try to weave the ends in or knit the ends in, I wind up with little “tails” all over my work, and when I go to clip them, they just keep unraveling through the work. What am I doing wrong? :wall:

It’s good to know that I’m not the only one with this problem.

Nadja xxx

[color=blueviolet]That’s just the nature of the beast I think. If you join the yarn so the tail is on the wrong side it’s not that bad. Yes, it’s annoying, but you can only trim so close to the work before it pops out to the right side.[/color]

a russian join can work nice for some yarns with a decent twist to them. you take your tail and thread it through a needle, the double it back on itself and weave the tail into the twist of the yarn creating a loop - leave a few inch tail to this when you take the needle off. Then stick the end of the piece you’re joining through the loop you just made, thread the needle onto THAT yarn and do the same thing. Once you have two interlocked loops, take the tails and gently pull in the slack on the loops causing them to lock.

Other times I twist the yarn together and leave a long tail (atleast 8") when I go to weave ends in I weave it in and out of every other wrong side purl bump (if there are some one the wrong side), catch it under 4 or so weave it back up and back down again and clip it off right up against the last ‘weave’. It shows on the wrong side, but it stays secure and you can’t usually feel it once the yarn ‘sets’. This works well if you’re changing colors.

I hope that all makes sense… I’m pretty tired right now :sleepy:

Amy has a video on the Russian Join under basic techniques (more). I love doing that; it’s so invisible and I haven’t had a problem with little tails.

I take the new yarn and knit it together with the old yarn for five stitches or so, then drop the old yarn and just knit with the new yarn. After I knit a few more rows, I go back, tug the tails, then stretch the fabric, then clip.

If I’m joining on an edge, I just start knitting with the new yarn. On the way back, I tie a knot. several rows later, I weave the ends in, stretch the fabric, and clip.

If it’s felted, sometimes I tie a knot and sometimes I double knit for a bit.