Does anyone use the Russian join? If so how does it work out for you.

If you are OK having a few slightly bulkier stitches, it is a good method as you got nothing to weave in later.

I may be the only knitter on the planet who has problems with the Russian join. I finally got it to work for me using Cascade 220 yarn. With other yarns I tried it on it just came apart. I’ve read that it works with any yarn but that’s not my experience.

It’s not my favourite join! I find that pulling strands though each other alters the look of the yarn twist, so as well as being bulkier, the surface looks a bit rough and felted!
Heavy yarns are especially noticeable.

I agree. I was doing a shawl with motifs that had lacy areas and weaving in ends when I needed to join new yarn was going to be a problem so I tried a Russian join and for the first time it worked for me. On that project it was much better than the alternative but it’s not a join I can say I usually love.

Tyvm for the help

Thanks for the info :+1:

Tyvm :yarn:

Your experience could be totally different from mine so I hope you try it.

Here’s where I found it useful.

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G.G. are you offering that picture as a “seek and find” game? I am stumped.

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You want the pattern that I kinda sorta used? Sorry, I meant to include it because I’m the one who usually asks. Hang on a sec or three … sorry that took longer than expected. I worked mine diagonally, all join as you go leaving as few ends as possible, starting on the left and finished with an I cord bind off which was excellent for running a blocking wire through. I didn’t pin the rest, just smoothed it out.

ETA To make the WS as presentable as possible because it will be seen I picked up stitches in one loop of the chain edge. That idea was courtesy of @justplaincharlotte my knitting hero.

No, I was looking for a Russian join in the picture and did not spot any. :smile:

:rofl: They’re there. They’re hard to spot. I was feeling defeated because I was sure nobody else had real problems with a Russian join so when I actually got it to work I was elated. With feltable wool I like a spit splice but thin the strands of yarn so the splice is closer to the diameter of the rest of the yarn. I’m not sure I’ve seen that in the how to’s.

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I love it, and is all I use now. Even with #5 chunky, no problem. Hats, ponchos, scarves, socks, dishcloths…… :heavy_heart_exclamation::+1::older_woman:

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Mmmm. I don’t like it and try to not use it. Pretty much ever.

I used it for knitting with Kestrel (aran weight linen). Worked well with a yarn that is harder to weave in nicely.

I’ve used it before and i like it. I slightly untist yhe yarn as I weave the end into the yarn I am doing the join with.