Joining yarns

How does everyone tie their yarn on after finishing the previous ball? I’ve heard a few versions. One was to twist the string and give it a basic tie like you would at the beginning of your shoelaces, another was to use a piece of sewing thread and bind the two together more seamlessly.

For a sweater, it doesn’t matter that much, since the knot can be pushed through, but for something like a scarf where both sides can be the front, what would you do?

Thanks everyone!

Have I mentioned what a great group of people you all seem to be? :thumbsup: I’m new to knitting and it’s been so helpful and supportive here as well as a good introduction to future projects. I’m so excited about them already!

I just drop the old and start knitting with the new… then I weave the ends in when I’m finished withthe project. Knots are against my philosophy (usually), but many knitters (better and more experienced than I) knot all the time. It depends on your preference!

If you’re knitting with wool you can felt the ends together – that’s my favorite! No knotting or weaving required. :thumbsup:

(the lovely Amy shows you how here.)