Joining yarn

Hi Amy…and gang,
I saw the video for your technique on joining new yarn. I see it says wool only…would this work on my 25% wool 75% acrylic encore yarn??
I am knitting a hat…I cant get pix uploaded, I need my hubby to figure it out, but I will show you soon

Hi Chris,

I don’t know, but you can find out by trying it out on two sample pieces. I’m curious. Let me know if you can get 25% wool to felt!


I will let you know shortly…in about 1 more inch hee hee

Just an update…I did not like the way the acrylic yarn felted…with one caveat…I have never felted yarn before. So maybe I just need practice.
I changed the ol’ fashioned way and it worked fine…
Thanks again Amy.
If my hubby ever fixes my disc drive I will send on a photo

For non-wool yarns, I think this is the best joining technique
I’ve used it on almost every type of yarn. For thicker yarn, I split the plies so I’m only joining half the thickness. For thinner or novely yarns I just work the join as described.

thanks marnie…i will give that a try!!!

That looks like a very neat method! Is there any trick to keeping the join from appearing in the middle of the stitch? Or is the potential imperfection just accepted as a part of the method (like my other favorite joining method, the felting method).


For any of the methods, if you are joining different color yarn, you can knit to the point where the transition happens and mark that point with a thread (use a sewing needle to actually split the yarn at that point with the thread so it doesn’t come out) then, undo a few stitches and work any join so that the transition happens at that exact point.

Both your method and mine are great for joinging a new ball of the same yarn to itself, for that, spliting the ply in half will ensure the thickness stays the same. :smiley: