Joining Yarn

Short and sweet.

Duplicate stitch-cannot find correct stitches to duplicate as my piece is triangular. Actually, i find it on one end but not the other. I know its there

Double Knit in Join-Hell in yarn form.

So at this point I’m wondering if

A) I can just leave the knots on the wrong side of the duplicate stitch, or,
B) There are different techniques?

Oh, yes, Russian Join. With that I’m having problems estimate the amount you need to fit it into the plys-plies?-and you have to account for the needle length too. Which drives me crazy.

                                                Diligently waiting your reply, 
                                                          -The clueless one

Are you joining yarn of the same colour, or a different colour?

Why is the knit in join causing you trouble??

Im changing colours.

The knit in is giving me trouble because im changing colours twice a row, and the weaving in is hard.


I think the one that would be best is tying the new colour on with a slip knot, then later weaving the ends in, even if it’s a bit tricky. Even if your stitches aren’t totally straight like a normal row of stockinette (you mentioned that your knitting is forming a triangular shape?), you should still always be able to figure out where the strand is going and follow it while weaving in. Even if you have to stretch your knitting out a bit to see where to follow in order to duplicate stitch it, you should be able to do it, maybe with a bit of trial and error but it is possible.

So I cant just leave the loops?

If you are doing the knit-in join, you can just cut the tails when done, but if you are doing the type of join where you use a slip knot and then just start knitting with the new colour, you have to weave in the ends otherwise they will unravel. Does that answer your question?

Actually, I just wanted to know whether I could just leave the slip knots as is, because they wont be seen anyway.

But that answered a lot of questions anyway. :thumbsup: