Joining yarn when working circularly

Hey All:

I am going to be joining yarn to do the sleeves on the top down preemie raglan sweater (I got it from this site, but the link is down now) and am wondering exactly how to do it without making a hole.

Anyone? Videos are great!


i do one of two things usually…prolly neither of them is correct but they seem to work okay for me! :smiley:

  1. if they are the same color i hold both strands together and just work one or two stitches that way and then drop the old yarn.

  2. i tie a loose knot and start stitching with the new yarn. usually the knot will be close enough to work to avoid the hole and then anything else will be taken care of when weaving in the loose ends.

Thanks Brenda, but I am going to be knitting them in the round, therefore dont want a hole where i join the first round (if I join and knit around, there will be a hole where I have joined because the first row hasn’t been joined properly…clear as mud?)

Anyway, that is what I was hoping someone could help me with.

:thinking: that is how i join when i knit in the round…i have never had a hole were i joined.

thiswill help too, if you are joining different colors.

Do you mean the hole in the armpit? Just sew it closed.

Yes, Ingrid, that is what I meant, and I suppose if I have to weave in the end anyway…