Joining Yarn When Picking Up Off Waste Yarn?

Thanks for any help!

I’m knitting, for the first time, a top down short sleeved cardigan. I need to pick up the sleeves stitches from the waste yarn. Could someone please tell me how to join the yarn? I’ve never had to join yarn at a point when I didn’t have the “other end,” so to speak, to join it to. Many, many thanks! My DD is dying for me to finish this for her and I’m stuck at this point.

It’s this sweater, if that helps any:


The directions said to move the stitches to waste yarn (meaning to move them to a stitch holder of some kind) and then to pick them up from the waste yarn. That means to take them back off the waste yarn (stich holder) and put them on your needle.


Thanks, but that’s not really what I meant. I have a set of live stitches on the waste yarn right now that I need to slip onto the needles, as you said. But now I need to join a ball of yarn in order to knit those stitches, right?

My question is – how should I best join that new ball of yarn? There’s no old ball to join it to, just these kind of stranded stitches!

I hope my question makes sense. Thank you!

I usually put my RH needle through the first stitch and then loop the new yarn over it and make sure to hold on to the end of the new yarn for the first few stitches so that it doesn’t just come through the first stitch and bugger up my work.

When I’ve finished the piece I’m working on I’ll go back and weave the tail of the new yarn in.

I’ve just had to do this with a top down baby cardigan, and I did just what Boogs suggested. If that stitch tends to loosen up a bit, I just tug on the end (which is now hanging on the inside of my sleave). Make sure you leave a nice tail to weave in later – you can always trim it before you weave if it is too long, but you wouldn’t want to accidentally pull it out as you work your first round!

Thanks so much, everyone. With your advice, I finished the sweater for DD last night and she wore it to school today!

Thank you all so much for your help!