Joining with circular needles

when a pattern calls for cirular needles to knit with and then it says “join” what does that mean, how would i join?

instead of turning the work and beginning make sure your cast on is not twisted and then you begin knitting by putting the right needle into the first stitch that you cast on (with that one being on the left needle). I think Amy has a video for this-hold on-right here

i still don’t get it :shrug:

I saw the video on magic loop, and that’s easy, is that what is meant by joining?

here is an example of a pattern from knitty:
“Using double strand of MC, co 112 sts on circular needles.
Being careful not to twist work, join and k one round.”

when they say join, do they mean do the magic loop?

yes, you could do Magic loop, but with that many sts I would just use the ‘large diamater knitting’ vide from Amy under the ‘advanced techniques’ page. does this help? what are you knitting?
if you’ve knit with double point needles you might use those too?

I’m knitting this
I have used circular needles before, but i used them like straight needles, I would turn at that end of each row.

I’m not sure of how to use them to make this bag.

I also have used dpns but with dpns, it’s different 'cause you’re using more then one needle.

sorry, but I’m still confused as to what the term ‘join’ refers to :shrug:

maybe this would help?

ohhhhhhhhhh, ok! Thanks!
So the most important part is that the work is not turned, right?

ok, now i understand! thanx a million :muah:

right, do not turn the work…you just keep going around and around and around. glad I could help, sorry it took some time to find the tutorial.
:cheering: :cheering: :cheering: