Joining two (very) different yarns in a scarf

I saw a beautiful pattern for a scarf which alternates between aran and a mohair and excitedly bought the wool before comtemplating the technicaliteies of it all. How on earth do I join the rows?

Having looked at the different joining techniques, I was thinking about a russian join on the aran side and knitting in on the mohair side, but how do I ensure that the join is positioned at the end of a row?


You wouldn’t have to join the yarns end-to-end. Once you’re ready to start knitting the rows with the second yarn, drop the first yarn, and just start knitting with the second yarn, leaving a short length to weave in later. When it’s time to change back to the first yarn, you’ll cut it off from where you dropped it, again leaving a length to weave in, and start knitting with it again. Depending on the pattern, you could knit a row holding both of them together as well, then cut the first yarn, keep knitting with the second yarn, then when it’s time to change back to the first yarn, again knit a row with them held together and drop the second yarn.

It depends on how many rows you need to knit with each. You can carry the one not in use up the side, if the look of that doesn’t bother you, or you can cut and weave.

I’ve never done the Russian Join, so I can’t really help you there.

Is your yarn natural? You might be able to felt them together.