Joining to knit in the round

I am attempting to knit in the round for the first time. The pattern requires 120cm circular needles, 4.5mm.
It says to cast on 14 stitches and then join to knit in the round. On needles this long that’s almost impossible or have I got the concept wrong?
Can someone please help?

Is the pattern for magic loop? Can you give us a pattern name or link, please?

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The pattern looks quite simple, only I haven’t a clue how to knit on circular knit on circular needles.

That is adorable.
You have some choices. You can start with the double pointed needles and when you have too many sts to comfortably use the dpns, switch to the circular needle.
You can start the first few rows knitting back and forth for the first couple of rows. In that case an odd row is an increase row and an even row would be a purl row. Then you can distribute the sts onto 3 or 4 dpns and join to knit in the round, following the pattern. The yarn tail can be used to sew up the row ends and the center.
You can start the blanket on the long circular and use magic loop. It’s a very nice technique. You would then continue with the same long circular throughout.

You can also use two circular needles to knit this until you have enough sts for the long circular although I find that the two needle flapping around can be annoying.

Thanks salmonmac. I had a look at a tutorial for magic loop technique, after you mentioned it, and have decided to give it a go. Seems quite straight forward now I’m several rows in.
Thanks for the help! I’ll post the finished product if all goes well :slight_smile:

That seems the best way to me, too. I’m looking forward to seeing the blanket!

Ok, so I have got to the part in the pattern where it requires you to M1. Couple rows in and I notice I am creating little holes in my pattern. What am I doing wrong ?

How are you doing the M1?
If you pick up the bar between two sts, you have to knit into the back of the lifted strand in order to tighten up the stitch and prevent a hole.

I really like the knit right loop (or knit left loop) but that’s a personal preference.

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Think I’ll have to practice on a pair of straight needles then start again, once I get it!
Thank you!

I had left & right leaning mixed in my latest sweater. After it was done I went back and stitched the holes together. A few extra ends to tuck in beat frogging cables.

Finally finished the Spider-Man blanket!

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That looks fantastic! You worked it beautifully and Spidey will love it.

Thank you! :+1:t2: