Joining sweater parts together

I’m knitting a sweater. I have the front, back, and 2 flat sleeves. How do I join them in a round? Do I put all 4 parts in the circular needle and then knit?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. thank you!

It depends on the kind of sweater you’re knitting. Is this a sweater with a yoke or are all these finished and bound off parts of the sweater? Can you give us a link to the sweater or a pattern name?

Every part is on a stitch holder, it is not bound off. I’m about to knit the yoke part.

It states: With circular needle and continue in pattern as established,k62 sts of left sleeve,pm, k82 sts of front, pm, k62 of right sleeve, pm, k82 sts of back, place different coloredmarkerfor beg of round–288sts.

So, with all four parts, do I slide them all in the circular needle and start doing directions above. There’s no link to the pattern I got this in Vogue Magazine 2011.


You can knit them in order right off the st holder onto the needle or you can slip the sts onto the needle in the order given and then knit them. BTW, it’s a good idea to check the VK magazine site for corrections to their patterns, just in case.