Joining Stitch on Socks

Okay, I am knitting my first socks and am using Silver’s Sock Tutorial and dpn’s. I have just joined my first stitch… which needle do I keep the joined stitch on? Do I keep it on the first needle or the last needle where it was before? Or do I put it on the 4th needle I will be knitting the rest of the stitches on the first needle with? I hope that makes sense. :think: Can anybody help?

I always just count this stitch as the first one knitted (or whatever the pattern says) for needle 1. I hope this makes sense.

Hi Alex,

You would continue to use the 4th needle and then when the stitches are all stitched unto the 4th needle, the original needle that had the stitches on it should be the empty one.

Then you start the next row, using the now empty needle.

I hope this helps. I am a sock beginner myself. I have just finished a pair of baby socks.

But anyway, you should always have three needles and one that your working with. Good luck with your socks.

Thanks both of you! I’m gonna try it again…