Joining squares for a Blanket

Hi! So far I LOVE this site! :happydance: In one hour you have fixed my edges and showed me how to bind off properly! Thank you! :cheering:

Now that I’ve kissed up a little, :wink: I would like some more help, please.

I’m making a blanket for my daughter using Paton’s Melody Quick and Cozy in Pastel Clouds colour for the squares, (I’m making a bunch of squares and want to join them together with the Quick and Cozy in Natural) and was wondering what would be the best method for joining them together? I was kind of thinking of making it so that each square is surrounded by a 2" border in the Natural and there is a 2" border all the way around in the Natural. I’m using 9mm needles for the squares if that makes a difference.

I’m making things up as I go, so any suggestions would be of great help. So far my pattern is: Cast on 18. Knit 22 rows. Cast off. I would like the border to be a bit different, but really simple (I’m a beginner.).

Thanks so much!

When I read this last night, all I could think of was that you’d have to figure out how to get a nice mitered edge–so the corners of your border would meet at 45 degree angles.

But then, it occured to me that you could pick up stitches along the top of each square and knit a border, then along the bottom and knit a border.

Then you could pick up stitches all along the each side, from the top you added on, along the square, and down to the bottom of where you added on and knit out from there. Your stitches would be going in opposite directions, but that could look really cool.

Just an idea. This is the kind of thing that I think of after I turn out the lights. :rollseyes: No wonder I’m tired. :roflhard:

:thinking: That could work. I didn’t want to have to crochet because I am not too good at it, so I’ll give this a try.

The corners were what was troubling me too.

Thanks for the help! :thumbsup: