Joining Same Color Yarn

I watched the video on joining yarn, but unfortunately my computer at work does not have sound! :doh: And I can’t really tell how to do it. I’ve been just tying the two ends in a knot, which i know isn’t right, but i didn’t know how, I want to learn to do it correctly! If someone could give me written instructions that would be grrrrreat! thanks!

Rebecca - I used to knot mine too… it has always worked, but it doesn’t look as “seamless” as the process you watched on KH. Basically, what she is doing is overlapping the new yarn and the old yarn and knitting with both of them for 3 stitches. After the 3 stitches, you can drop the old yarn. When you come back to it on the next row, you can trim it down, but don’t trim it too close or else it will pop out. You want to leave enough to weave in. Does that make sense?

Yeah, Thanks! :figureditout:

Won’t those 3 stitches be “fat” though cause it has 2 strands of yarn?

  • Carrie

I guess that depends on how “fat” your yarn is. The three stitches won’t make such a big difference that it will really show. It should all blend together fine… unless you’re using a really bulky yarn. That might make a difference.

Doubling up those few stitches really is minor. Just remember to knit both of the loops together. And always do it at the beginning of the row.