JOINING:right to left side of cuff

I have never knit a cuff before and am working in the “Little Sublime Handknit” book. The one with the baby girl on front in a white sweater with pink trim. I am working on the sweater on page 3 “Vintage Car Coat”. For the left sleeve, I have finished the right side of cuff, and put it on a holder. Now, I have finished the left side of the cuff. The instructions say (page 31) "with right side of work (left side of cuff) facing you join yarn to the first part (right side of cuff). The problem I am having is this: the right side of the work (the first piece completed)is on a holder. Now when I lay the left side of the cuff flat, and try to rejoin the yarn to the right side the working yarns of both pieces are on opposite ends of the would be needle. So, in order to rejoin the two working yarns, one side (the right side of the cuff) will be on the needle next to the left side and will be facing the wrong way. ALso, I do not understand why the right side of the cuff is so much shorter than the left side? HELP!!:knitting:

You may have knit the right side of the cuff in a tighter gauge or less rows. Measure them both or see if they have the same number of rows and if pulling on the right one will stretch it out.

It’s okay if the working yarn is on the same edge of both cuffs; you’re only going to be using one, so turn the other around so you have both pieces with the RS facing you and use the working yarn that’s at that edge. ‘Join’ just means you’re going to have all the sts on one needle and knit them as one piece.

Thanks suzeeq–but, the directions definitely called for 16 rows on the right side of cuff and 24 rows on the left side of the cuff (buttonhole side). It says:
“with the right side of the (24 rows ofleft side of cuff) facing you, rejoin yarn to the sts left on the stitch holder (16 rows ofright side of cuff).increase 1 st 1 time knit to the last 5 stitches, then with the needle holding the sts for the left side of cuff in front of these 5 sts, knit together 1st from the right side of the cuff and 1 st from the left side 5 times knit across the 16 stits on the left side of cuff,” etc.
Could I be so lucky that you have this book?

No I don’t have the book. According to the pattern the right edge of the cuff should be shorter, so you’ve got that right. The rest of it, I’m not sure I understand either without having knit the sweater or looking at a picture of both the FO and where you are now.

You can see a picture of the sweater here:

Click where it says see inside of book, and then keep clicking on next image. When you get to the page with a little girl with a pink hat it will be on the next page. A little boy in a beige coat sweater.
Thanks for your time and patience with this–they are much appreciated!

:woohoo: D’ya think maybe I am 4 rows short on the right side of cuff? The instructions read thus:
" Using your main needles cast on 19 sts and work 4 rows in stocking stictch." it then says:
1st row blah blah
2nd row blah blah
Work 14 rows in stocking stitch"

Do you count these as 20 rows or 16?

On the other side of cuff it reads like this:
1st row blah blah
2nd row blah,
3rd row
4th row
etc to 24th row

Why is it written differently?

First 4 rows, stockinette, then 2 rows then another 14 rows would be 20. I have no idea why it’s different.

That would leave a difference between two sides of the same sleeve cuff only 4 rows rather than 8. Does that sound more reasonable to you?

Yes, though it still doesn’t sound right. Unless the longer side of the sleeve/cuff is on the piece that goes across the back and that would give you a little ease over the shoulder.

No, that does not appear to be the case. One cuff, second cuff, join, knit remainder of sleeve.