Joining question


I am knitting a baby sweater and I am ready to join and begin working in the round. The pattern says “knit to within 4 stitches of the end of row, slip the last 4 stitches on a double pointed needle. Overlap the last 4 on the needle sts with the first 4 sts on the needle, and knit them together joining the work into a round.”

what does it mean by "overlap the last 4 with the first 4?

Help!!! Please!!

When you put the last 4 sts on a dpn, hold that dpn behind and parallel to the needle end (I’m assuming this is a circular needle) that is holding the first 4 stitches of the round. Knit the 4 stitches together with the first 4 stitches of the round. IOW run the working needle through both the stitch on the front needle and through the stitch at the business end of the dpn you are holding behind. Knit both of those stitches together as one. Continue to work that way until the 4 stitches on the dpn are used up then just knit around. This will cause the last 4 stitches and the first 4 stitches to now be on top of each other, or overlapped.

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What is “IOW”?



IOW = in other words…