Joining pieces in a fancy pattern

I’m making an afghan by knitting 10 inch squares in three colors, magneta, dark brown and grass green. It is very boring as the entire piece is in knit stich. I actually wanted it boring so I could do something mindless after working hard all day :slight_smile: However, I want to fancy it up when I sew the pieces together. I have chosen white for contrast to sew all the pieces together, but I would like to have the sewed white in some attractive, better yet, adorable fancy pattern that can really put the work together with some pizzaz.
Any suggetions would be appreciated.

Well, I don’t know any fancy seams. You might want to avoid anything other than mattress stitch (which is hidden), becuase of the bulk of knitted fabric.

You could embroider motifs with the white yarn over blocks, sort of like a crazy quilt. That would add some pizzaz. You could use duplicate stitch or traditional embroidery stitches (although this would immediately create a right and a wrong side to your work).

Just some ideas. Good luck!

I dont’ know that this qualifies as a “fancy” stitch by ANY means but I found this stitched together blanket precious and have it on my “to do” list.

Just a simple whip stitch but I thought it looked cute with this type of blanket.

Hope you will post a pix when you are done!