Joining on circular needles?


I am beginning to learn how to use circular needles and have a question about joining when knitting in the round. Are there different ways to join? Some patterns tell you how many stitches to cast on and then they say “join” and continue with a certain stitch (knit, purl, etc.).
One pattern gave specific instructions for joining - it said to cast on an extra stitch and then move one stitch from the right needle to the left needle and then knit both of them together, and then continue with the first round. I followed those instructions, but for some reason there is a small gap where I joined.

Can anyone provide some insight?

Thank you!


hi christianne. i’m doing a purse now in the round - when i joined, i cast on one extra stitch and k2tog after slipping as you described. i can’t remember if there was a gap then, but now that i’m a few rows into it, the join really can’t even be seen. i did hold the yarn tail and working yarn together as i did the k2 tog, and gave both yarns a good tug before and after to tighten it up. i also make sure when i hit that spot on every round i tighten it up after i make the stitch where the join is, just to pull it together a little more, since it has a tendency (at least in my knitting!) to want to be looser and pull apart there. i’ve read another method where you cast on the amt of stitches needed, slip a stitch from the left needle to right needle and then pass the second stitch on the right needle over the stitch you just slipped, again giving both yarns a good tug after the stitch/switch is completed. i think if i used that method i would tighten up the next couple of stitches, too, depending on how it looked. ~ valerie

Thank you so much for the information - I think that is where I am having the issue - I need to tighten the yarns a bit more before I begin knitting or purling.


I do the cast on an extra stitch, slip, k2tog method. I often end up with a small gap, especially in small diameter knitting. Since this tiny gap is right at the beginning, I can easily “fix” it when I’m weaving in my end later. So… I don’t worry about the little gap! :wink: